Fresh Holiday Trees, Roping, Wreaths, and Greens

The holiday season is here, and with it comes the joyous tradition of decorating our homes with festive wreaths, garlands, roping, and arrangements. There’s something special about the smell of fresh evergreens that brings a warm, cozy feeling indoors. Let’s delve into the world of fresh holiday evergreens and explore the different types used in beloved holiday decorations.

Fraser Fir
The Fraser fir is among the most popular evergreens used in holiday décor. It has a beautiful, dense, symmetrical shape – the perfect Christmas tree – and its needles are deep green and soft to the touch, making it a favorite for use in wreaths and garlands. The Fraser fir is also known for its citrusy scent and, most importantly, its excellent needle retention, meaning it will stay fresh and lush throughout the holiday season.

Balsam Fir
The Balsam fir is another popular choice for natural indoor décor. It has a robust, spicy fragrance reminiscent of the great outdoors. Its bright green needles are shorter and stiffer than the Fraser fir, giving it a more textured look. The Balsam fir also has good needle retention, making it a durable choice for heavy ornaments.

Douglas Fir
The Douglas fir is the classic Christmas tree. It has a lovely aroma – a fresh mix of sweet pine and citrus. Its needles are soft and glossy. The white line below each needle gives this fir a bluish-green hue. The Douglas fir tree has a dense triangular shape, and its boughs are a beautiful addition to all evergreen holiday decorations. Despite having shorter needle retention than the previous two, it is still a favorite among decorators.

White Pine
White pine is a softer, more delicate-looking evergreen with long, feathery, blue-green needles. Its flexible branches make it an excellent choice for creating cascading garlands and wreaths with a graceful drape. Although White Pine is beautiful, it does not have good needle retention, so use should be planned for shorter periods.

Cedar is a unique, textural, fragrant evergreen with light yellowish-green needles. It has a rustic charm and a fresh and spicy scent. Cedar is often used to create wreaths, garlands, and swags, and its thin, flexible branches are easy to work with. Its needle retention is not the longest, so it should be enjoyed while it lasts.

Fresh holiday trees, roping, wreaths, and cut bunches of greens are essential to the holiday season. With such a wide variety of evergreens available, it’s easy to create unique and stunning decorations embodying the season’s warmth and joy. Whether you prefer the Fraser fir’s soft needles or the Balsam fir’s spicy aroma, you can’t go wrong with any of these five popular types of evergreens.